Swimming Lessons

Description of Swimming Lessons

Private Lessons

Private lessons are done individually for 30 minutes during open pool operation. The child’s swimming level will need to be stated.

Group Lessons

Group lessons are held Monday through Thursday with Friday being a make-up day if the whole class is canceled. Group lessons will be 45 minutes long unless stated otherwise.

Types of Group Lessons:

  • Preschool (under kindergarten age)
    • Preschool group lessons are for children under kindergarten age. We will be working on safety and fun in the water. Going under, basics of floating/swimming.
  • Level 1 - 6
    • For more information about levels 1 - 6 look below at the description of swimming lesson levels.
  • Mommy and Me
    • Mommy and Me is for children 18 months to 3 years old. This class is to introduce children to the water and to teach different skills to children and adults. Any adult may participate in this class but must have one adult for every child. Adults are required to get into the pool with children.

Description of Swimming Lesson Levels

Preschool – Under kindergarten age. Working on Safety and Fun in the water. Going under, basics of floating/swimming.

Level 1 – Kindergarten or older. Working on Floating, going under, Basics of stroke development.

Level 2 – Needs to be able to touch by the slides, or not be afraid of going under. Should be able to float independently for 5 seconds. They will be working on getting more precise in breaststroke, and freestyle. Working on backstrokes.

Level 3 (should have had lessons in the past, or are swimming independently) – They are working on putting their face in the water while using both breaststroke and freestyle. They will keep working on the development of all strokes (new sidestroke). Start treading water and diving.

Level 4 – Working on more deep water abilities. Diving (different types), treading, survival. Adding beginnings of the butterfly stroke.

Level 5 – More refining of everything learned up to that point

Level 6 – Swimming for exercise/recreation. Add in turns at the wall.

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