Membership Benefits

Ames Golf & Country Club is the most family-friendly country club you’ll find anywhere, especially here in central Iowa. On any warm summer afternoon, the pool is teeming with adults and children, couples are playing tennis or golf, or friends are just enjoying a time of relaxation in the clubhouse or on the deck overlooking the golf course and the city. It is easy to see why over 415 families call Ames Golf, “my club!” Being a member fosters many new friendships and experiences that will last a lifetime.

There are always well-planned activities intended for our members. Pool parties, golf outings, couples twilight events, holiday events, themed dinners, movie nights for the kids, adult and youth lessons for golf, swimming, and tennis, and much, much more…all waiting for you (we also do concerts!). Consider for a moment, the benefits of an Ames Golf membership:

Personal Recognition – The professional and service staffs get to know you and understand your preferences. It’s part of the ultimate service every member should expect and receives.

Sense of Belonging – You will feel a part of something…something very special, that is. You will meet many of the members and they will also get to know you.

Prestige – You are a member of a club that includes a good deal of business professionals from around the area. Even though people have long thought that belonging to a country club had a perception of a certain arrogance, you won’t get that kind of attitude at Ames Golf. Yet, the club gives you a prestigious place to entertain or meet with friends and business associates.

Understanding Your Needs – The club staff anticipates your needs and is always ready and eager to serve you. They will make sure your every visit to the club is always top notch.

Self Improvement – You can take advantage of golf, tennis, swimming, as well as potential advancement of your professional career simply by socializing with other members.

Friendships – Your friends are here and it is easy to make many new acquaintances.

Physical Facilities – A great clubhouse with three dining areas, complete men’s and women’s locker facilities, meeting and banquet rooms, and more to match your needs.

Quality of Food and Beverage – From fine dining to casual family style, you will experience the consistency and quality found only in the finest restaurants.

Quality Service – The staff provides attention to detail that is second to none.

Precise Accounting – You get one convenient and correct monthly statement detailing all of your charges.

The Extras – You can take advantage of golf club cleaning and storage service, swimming, golf and tennis lessons for adults and children, competitive swimming and golf for children with other area clubs, pro shop service and merchandise, banquet and party planning, toiletry and towels in the locker rooms, and a myriad of activities to fit the desires of family members of all ages.